Online Casino Blackjack

Savvy players of real money casino games make blackjack their preferred game because it’s one of the few casino games where the player actually has a statistical edge over the house, provided the player uses superior strategy consistently.

Some players can make real money over the long run by playing blackjack, especially if they know how to count cards. Counting cards in blackjack isn’t cheating, technically. At least, nobody has lost a law suit for counting cards at blackjack, but casinos frown on it and do their best to eliminate it. This is a testament to the fact that blackjack is a beatable game.

However, even when playing perfect strategy, other factors can interfere with the edge a smart gambler cultivates. Inexperienced players at the same table can disrupt the flow of the game or slow it down when an advantage gambler wants to burn through hands to get a larger statistical sample when the odds favor him or her.

The need to tip the dealer is another limiting factor in making money at blackjack. However, if you play online casino blackjack, you eliminate this factor since your dealer is a computer. You can also play one on one against a dealer in an online blackjack game, so you can play at the rate you want without any inexperienced players to mess things up.

Are There Disadvantages to Playing Online Blackjack?

The short answer is no. Some may argue that online blackjack games shuffle the deck after every deal, making card counting obsolete, but considering the steps one must take in order not to get caught counting cards in a real time casino, the edge you gain by counting cards is ephemeral at best.

One advantage you do gain in online play when the deck (or decks) gets shuffled before each hand is you avoid the possibility of an unfavorable deck full of small cards. In the real time casinos, if you suspect an unfavorable deck, it kills your betting action, but you do not have to worry about that when playing online.

Some players enjoy the complimentary drinks and meals they get at the physical casinos, and this is truly something that brick and mortar casinos have which online casinos do not. However, online casino blackjack goes one better with welcome bonuses and matching deposit bonuses that more than compensate for your lack of free whisky, and, as in the case with your dealer, you never have to tip a server when playing online.

Perhaps the lack of a deck, and a random number generator in its place generating numbers that cannot be worked out according to statistical odds may be the one true disadvantage, but blackjack remains a game of skill and strategy, and proper play can net you a fortune.

A Word about Blackjack Strategy Cards

One factor that tilts the odds in the player’s favor is the predictability of the dealer’s behavior. This may vary according to which blackjack software your casino uses, but blackjack dealers typically stay at 17. Whether this is a hard 17 only (one that doesn’t have an ace) or a soft 17 as well can change your approach to the game. Knowing how many decks a program uses or how often it reshuffles is also vital. All of this information is typically available with minimal research, however.

Another useful tool that you can use online more readily than in physical casinos is a blackjack strategy card that provides advice on how to handle certain types of hands. You are allowed to use these in any type of casino, and brick and mortar casinos usually sell such items in their gift shops. However, pulling out a strategy card in a casino marks you as a rube, which can be embarrassing.

Another factor in playing online blackjack effectively is adjusting your play according to whether the game played is European style blackjack, where one of the dealer’s cards is covered until the end, or American blackjack where both cards are visible. When you play online casino blackjack, take note of what brand of software the casino uses. If it is a popular brand, such as Microgaming, you can easily find strategy cards catered to that particular version.

Best Online Casinos for Blackjack

Most online casinos offer blackjack, and with the multitude of online casinos, one can find it head-spinning to pick the best one of the bunch. Many factors can come into play, including bonuses. Here are some of the best places for online casino blackjack:

Royal Vegas Casino

Claim your three welcome bonuses at Royal Vegas Casino and watch your initial bank swell by up to $1200. This Microgaming casino offers Double Exposure Blackjack along with numerous other variants, along with continuous opportunities to earn extra rewards.

Platinum Play Casino

Come play at Platinum Play Casino and you can choose between numerous blackjack variants including classic blackjack, which offers to lowest house edge of all Microgaming blackjack games. Your welcome bonus maxes out at a hefty $1500, so get started today.

Vegas Palms Casino

This casino gives you plenty of options regarding which type of blackjack game to play. You can play multi-hand blackjack with five decks, European blackjack and other specialized forms of blackjack such as Triple 7’s Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack. Vegas Palms uses Microgaming software and has been operating since 2006 so you know it’s safe and reliable. Get a 200% matching bonus of up to $100 when you sign up to play and make your first deposit.

7 Sultans Casino

At 7 Sultans you can play single deck blackjack as well as numerous other variants, including European blackjack. All use Microgaming software. Get a 100% matching bonus up to $1000 when you sign up to play.

Don’t wait but sign up today and begin your blackjack adventure. Play correctly and you might strike it rich.