Casino Bonuses

If you have spent any time at all in a land based casino, you have probably experienced some of the perks that casino operators offer in order to entice gamers to play at their casinos. This can be anything from complimentary chips to free drinks and food. The casinos cannot make any money without customers who stick around and chase the big jackpot, so they do what they can to keep players comfortable and wanting to play on.

Online casinos don’t have some of the resources that land based casinos do. It’s not that online casinos make less money or spend less money on perks. The difficulty is more logistical, problems such as how to transmit a cheeseburger or a glass of scotch (single malt, neat, of course) over the Internet.

With the invention and development of three dimensional printers, the day when it’s possible to replicate food from orders over the Internet may not be too far off, but for now, this type of perk is simply not possible for an online casino to accommodate. However, what online casinos cannot do in terms of complimentary drinks and food, they more than make up for by offering humongous bonuses for players who register with them, bonuses that land based casinos can never hope to match.

The Signup Bonus

Online casinos are already legion and it looks as if more pop up on the Web every day. How is one to distinguish itself from another? One way is the signup bonus.

Signup bonuses are bonuses that players get for simply opening an account at a new casino online. They do not technically require a deposit, although some may require you to wager a certain amount before the bonus money is released, which would eventually require a deposit.

Signup and welcome bonuses tend to be small and limited to being used on certain games. For example an online casino may offer a $15 no deposit welcome bonus, but the $15 you get can only be used to play pokies.

Another version of a signup bonus may place limits on how much you can win with the initial signup bonus. You may get $10 but can only win up to $100. Other requirements place limits on how much you can withdraw from your account in winnings in order to qualify for the signup bonus.

Regardless of which requirements a welcome bonus has, it’s important to check out those requirements and make certain they are requirements you can meet. Then, take a shot. The welcome bonus can be a good way to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of an online casino before you spend your own money there.

The Matching Bonus

This type of bonus does require a deposit, one that the casino matches either entirely or a portion of. For example, a 50% matching bonus of up to $100 means that if you deposit $200, the casino adds an additional $100.

Some casinos even offer matching bonuses that are greater than 100%. For example, a casino that offers a 200% matching bonus of up to $1500 will give you that $1500 when you deposit a mere $750.

Matching bonuses can be a quick way to up your bank roll and play at high stakes for real money. However, as in the case with signup bonuses, matching bonuses frequently have a slate of requirements you need to meet before the money is released to your account.

For example, a first deposit matching bonus may require you to play a certain number of hours at the casino before that money gets released. Another option is to require a certain amount in wagers before releasing the bonus money. A third type of requirement is that you have to use the bonus money within a certain amount of time or it goes away.

Most online casinos offer a first time deposit matching bonus, but some offer second and third deposit matches, and a select few will match every deposit you make, although in this case, the requirements for getting the bonus can be more stringent.

When looking at online casinos, be certain to take a long look at the bonus structure and requirements. If you play $1 pokies, it might not be worth it to deposit $1000 for a casino that matches at 200% up to $2000, especially if that casino requires you spend all the bonus money within 48 hours. Be sure that whichever matching bonus you choose to take advantage of is one that fits with the types of games you like to play and for the stakes you feel comfortable playing.

Loyalty Programs

Another type of online casino bonus is the loyalty program. These bonuses only become available when you fulfill the requirements for that casino, but once you have done enough to join the loyalty program, you might find that the bonuses keep coming. Loyalty bonuses are not limited to cash bonuses but frequently include inside knowledge on when the newest pokie becomes available, and a shot at being the first to play it.

A loyalty program can also give you access to free roll poker tournaments that aren’t available to other casino members, and these tournaments can give you a shot at winning real money.

Referral Programs

Since the name of the game for online casinos is to attract new players and get people to open up new accounts, casinos may recruit their players to bring in more customers. This comes in the form of referral programs. A referral program might offer a player a bonus when that player refers a new customer to the casino. However, the bonus money is usually tied in to the amount of time the new player plays at the casino or the amount he or she wagers. As with every other bonus, check the requirements before going after a bonus.

Claiming Your Money

When choosing an online casino it is a good idea to choose a lucrative bonus that fits your needs. However, when you do win, you want to make certain that you can easily access and, if you desire, liquidate your funds. Many casinos offer ways to deposit that are different than the ways to withdraw your winnings. Before signing up with any new casino, make sure you have the capability of withdrawing your winnings. Otherwise, no matter how good the bonus sounds, it amounts to nothing.

However when you do find a good bonus, take advantage of it and build your bank roll. Happy hunting.