Live Dealer Games

Gambling has been around almost since the birth of modern civilization, and people all over the world have used it and its many games for entertainment purposes and to kill boredom for thousands of years. In the last 20 years or so, online gambling has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for players of all nationalities, especially Australians.

One of the most popular forms of gambling lately has become an online form of play known as live dealer online casino games, but what exactly does that mean? First of all, it’s important to know that when you play any casino game in a live environment, there will always be a proctor, or dealer on hand to negotiate the rates of play and administer the rules of each game, as well as to oversee the fair play of whatever game is being played.

In live casino blackjack, for example, there will be a dealer on one side of the table, and he or she will deal cards to up to five players on the other side of the table, all of whom are playing against the dealer.

In the live game of roulette, a dealer, or croupier, will spin a wheel that contains either 37 or 38 slots on it, and then will roll a ball around the outer rim of the spinning wheel. The ball will eventually roll closer and closer to the spinning wheel until it catches and lands in one of the slots on the roulette wheel, and prior to that happening, the players will have made bets on where the ball might land.

In a live dealer online casino game, the action works pretty much the same except for one major difference. When you are playing one of these games, you are doing so from the comfort of your computer (or wherever you happen to be that has internet access to facilitate your online play), and the dealer is administering his or her game via a live video feed in real time. Within this example of play, players are able to communicate with the dealer through a text function and are able to make wagers through their computer on a special console.

The main difference between this type of online play and other digital mediums is that the outcomes of the wagers are determined just like a live casino game through a new type of software known as optical character recognition technology rather than automated processes.

Optical character recognition technology allows the player to interact with all of the various facets of the game, from the dealer to the betting strategies, just as though the player was actually in the casino.

Because of the real time nature of this type of play, on top of the fact that these games require more overhead because of the physical dealers, they are much more expensive to play and maintain. Not only do they involve more staffing than a regular digital game, but the investment in the technology is much greater. One example is that in a normal game of, say, online poker, there is no camera needed because the all of the players are simply represented digitally.

Another reason why this type of play is much more expensive involves the staff itself. For instance, let’s say that there is a game of roulette operating in the online live dealer style. Not only will a dealer need to be employed in the running of this game, maybe even more than one, but there will also most likely have to be one or more camera operators, an IT professional who will monitor any technical problems that many arise during the course of play, and maybe even a pit boss or two that will have to intermediate any problems that may arise between the dealers, or croupiers, and the players.

To add to the all of these costs and variables, because of the complicated machinery involved in executing this live dealer online style of play, you now have to consider a physical space to house all of the aforementioned facets, and that means having a studio that may need up to three or four rooms, including a room for your server and software, a room for an analyst (oh, that’s right, one more employee is needed to ensure that the game is running smoothly), and the live studio wherein all of the action is taking place.

All of the variables in the above example is more of a worst case scenario in terms of expense, however, as some casinos may need less overhead and some won’t.

Almost needless to say, it is because the high expense involved in running this style of live dealer online play that most casinos throughout the world only offer this feature with a short list of games, and these are usually the most popular casino games so as to ensure that money will not be lost in the facilitation and maintenance of this style of play. These games include baccarat, roulette, sic bo and blackjack, just to name a few.

Because this style of play is pretty new, many different casinos have their own varying strategies for how to carry it out. Depending on their budget, some casinos will operate their live dealer online play with their own television channels, and others might carry it out through their own url on their website.

In the example of televised games, a player may use a device such as their mobile phone or remote control in order to make bets, and in the case of the medium being a website, a player will most likely manipulate the wagering process through their computer.

Whatever the case, it certainly is a brave new world in the case of online gambling, and it up to the player to make sure that the laws of his or her country and/or state allow for the legal play of live dealer online gambling, as legislation regarding this issue is still evolving.