Online Casino Video Poker

Whenever you walk into a real time casino, one sound stands out above all else, the electronic bleeps and alarms of the pokies, the video poker and slot machine games. Video poker is a bit more of the rage in this case, since players can consistently win money over the long run with optimal play. This is not the case with other kinds of pokies, where winning and losing is a matter of luck alone.

One medium that seems to have been made for pokies and video poker games to flourish in is the Internet. Online casino video poker offers a myriad of opportunities for fun and potential profits, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own couch or bed, if you’re feeling lazy enough. Or if you are feeling diligent, you can also play online casino video poker from a smart device while in line at the bank or at a shop.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker comes in many varieties, although it is usually some form of five card draw. The computerized dealer deals you five cards. You pick which ones to keep and which to draw. The name of the video poker version is often a clue as to how you can win. For example, Jacks or Better video poker is a form of five card draw video poker where you win only if your hand is a pair of jacks or better than that.

Other versions tend to follow the same basic premise in that no hand poorer than a pair of jacks will ever win usually in these games. The other versions will simply offer various wild card offerings or other requirements, such as Kings or Better. Double Bonus Poker, for example, offers a double or nothing bonus round after each winning poker hand. With bonus options such as these, the opportunity to massively multiply your winnings is very strong.

Optimal strategies for winning at video poker can be lucrative and effective, although they are frequently complex and specific to the type of video poker you are playing. In general, avoid breaking up a winning hand to chase another better winning hand in most cases, except in cases where you have four to that better hand. Aside from this general strategy, approaches to playing a specific type of video poker can be found across the Internet in the form of tables that rank your hand situations and offer specific advice for game situations.

Even more important is to take care of your money in important and strategic ways. Most video poker games offer a credit multiplier. This means you can win a certain amount with one credit, or sometimes up to five times that amount when there’s a 5x multiplier available.

Whenever you play video poker play with the maximum multiplier that you can. The reason for this is that most payout schedules, which you will find listed on the screen, multiply beyond the stated multiplier when you hit a royal flush. If you hit a royal flush when playing on a machine with a 5x multiplier, the jackpot for the royal flush can frequently be anywhere from 20-50 times the result, rather than the 5x you paid for.

Ideally you want to play at a game where you can bet the maximum credits per hand while still being able to play for a couple of hours. Winning at video poker means making small profits over the long run or making a big profit immediately and quitting while you are so far ahead.

Picking the Best Casino

Playing online video poker these days requires you to choose from a glut of online casinos. Finding out which one is the best to play at can come down to many factors. One factor is the variety of video poker games the casino offers. If you have a particular version that you like, you want to make sure the casino you are trying out has that version.

Another basic factor is software compatibility. This used to be more of a problem since most casinos made software compatible with PC’s but not with Mac operating systems. However, as iPhones, iPads, and a host of smart phones and tablets operating with a variety of popular operating systems such as Android have become available and exceedingly popular, you find less issues with software compatibility cropping up. Designers have begun to craft software compatible across a wide spectrum of operating systems.

Another solution is the use of instant, no download versions of your favorite video poker games. Rather than having to download and install new software on your system, you simply open a browser and go to the casino’s website to play its games through your browser.

Probably the best measure of a casino is the perks it offers. Real time casinos distinguish themselves with complimentary drinks and meals, and specials on lodging and parking. Online casinos distinguish themselves through a variety of bonuses you can earn when playing at a specific website.

The important thing to consider when researching a casino’s bonus system is how the small print aspects of the bonus work with your play style. For example, many casinos offer huge matching bonuses, such as 200% for up to $5000 for first time deposits. This means you can deposit $2500 and the casino adds 200% of that, $5000, so that you wind up playing with $7500 instead.

This sounds well and good, however, casinos will include restrictions such as a time limit in which to spend that bonus money or else it disappears. Consequently, smaller matching bonuses with less stringent requirements are often the best way to go.

Whichever casino you choose, get online and play video poker for free or for real money whenever and wherever you want.